µl - pipettes
for use in test kits

For use in diagnostic test kits we have a large selection of very accurate disposable plastic µl-pipettes for
dispensing blood, serum, plasma, urine, or other fluids such as Latex.
The various drop sizes, bulb sizes and shapes of these pipettes are able to meet the different requirements for
Diagnostic Tests such as Latex tests, RPR tests and Rapid Diagnostic Tests.

Several shapes and drop sizes
The pipettes without a bulb are supposed to dispense only one single drop.
Pipettes with a bulb can dispense several drops.
Some pipettes have a paddle. With this paddle you can spread the liquid on the test card.
This provides the advantage of dual-usage, as dispensing pipette and as a mixing stick.
Pipettes are available with different drop size.
The most popular drop sizes are 50µl ­ 40µl and 30µl. However we also have pipettes with 60µl and 20µl
Our standard range of pipettes will meet most of the requirements. But we can also customize the design
following your requirements.

Customized packaging
In order to meet your needs we can customize the packaging. For your confort we can pre-count these pipettes
following your specifications and we supply them pre-packed in plastic bags with a zip-closure or in boxes or
just with an elastic band.

Standard pipettes
We offer 4 types of disposable plastic µl-pipettes for use in diagnostic test kits

1) the "mixing" pipette :
· these pipettes dispense only one single drop
· the paddle end of the pipette can be used as mixing stick

2) the "bulb" pipette :
· these pipettes can dispense several drops

3) the "mixing-bulb" pipette :
· these pipettes can dispense several drops
· the paddle end of the pipette can be used as mixing stick

4) the "transfer" pipette :
· these pipettes are made for transferring a certain volume of liquid, rather than for dropping.
· for this reason the stem of the pipette is graduated